About the Artist

My name is Diana Rothgeb, I am a 53-year-old who is now just finding my passion in life. I am born a Canadian but consider myself as a true Yukoner after spending 43 years residing here.

My passion for photography came after a sudden and tragic loss in my life, I was at the crossroads on the road of life. I spent the majority of my career in Road construction, most of it on the Alaska Highway here in the Yukon. I believe that is where I found the love for quietness, nature all around me and the sounds of wildlife that kept me wondering why I could hear but never see them.


I am for the most part self taught when it comes to photography, I picked up the camera starting shooting in the worst…AUTO Mode 😊 Well that just is not what one is supposed to do!! So, I started the Google engines up and found every Mick and Slick out there who wanted to help me figure this photography stuff out. Unfortunately, that got a bit crazy until I found my mentors, Serge Ramelli, Scott kelby, and Tom Bourdon to name a few.


Personal philosophy- Be happy and never give up who you truly are! 😊

Thank-you so much for exploring me and my web-site, feel free to get in touch with me. You can also follow me on Facebook( Diana Lynn R Photography), or Instagram ( dianarothgeb)

My first encounter was finding a gaming site called GuruShots, it is still a huge part of my life, the challenges they have made me go out there and try new stuff. Have you ever run around after a bee for hours trying to get it to stay still for a photo shoot? Then there are all your friends whom you are visiting for a coffee when they realize you are not even listening to them because your lying on the floor taking a picture of the café’s ceiling and asking the customer beside you where she bought her shoes? Nice do you mind a picture of them? 😊

Thankfully I have great friends who have encouraged me to follow my dreams and passions, I thank them all for their patience and humor through all the 20 thousand pictures to date!

So that brings me to what I shoot. I have to be honest; I have not found just that one thing that makes me satisfied yet. I do love the outdoors and nature but not so much come the winter time here in the Yukon. I enjoy digging through my drawers and finding some goodies to do still shots with. Or just finding an interest in objects that are in my back yard. Some call this Stock photography; I call it fun!

I shoot with a Canon T7i, I upgraded from a T6i which I absolutely loved! Some say Sony is the new and up coming camera but I am a Canon gal all the way. I say shoot with whatever you are comfortable with.

The lenses I am using now are the Canon 18-55mm, Canon 55-250mm and the Sigma 150-600mm. and yes, I use them all! The hike down the hillside is not so bad but the trek up it can be a bit awkward as the tripod is banging against your hip and the weight of the Sigma is emphasised. But the end result for me is that I get the shot I want.

It is quite controversial these days with all of the new programs on the market. I use Lightroom, Luminar, GRFX, and that’s it! I can not wrap my head around photoshop at all…I start sweating, groaning, and then when I start pulling out my hair and think about tossing the computer to the floor, I realize that the program is really not for me! 😊

I sometimes re touch with a heavy hand, I love to create a dramatic look and feel, and other times I barely do anything. I create for people; it really is what they are seeing and feeling when they look through my photographs.


This is a natural look of a tree on top of a mountain side located by White River which is approximately an hour drive to Beaver Creek where the US Border is into Alaska.





This is a more Dramatic look taken from the same mountain top as the picture above, the tree from the picture is on my right side.






So it is all in the eyes of the be holder. I hope this gives you a better idea of how I process my pictures! 😊

Last Book Read- Stephen King, Revival. I love all of his novels; I am a true fan!

Favorite Films– The Perfect Storm, Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Whitehouse Down, 2012, Category 2, The Lion King, and so many more, I’m a bit of a nut over movies.

Favorite Music- I’m a real fan of the 60’s and 70’s, I love pretty much anything but Rap and Country.

Favorite Foods- Italian all the way!  Love a great cheeseburger, seafood of any kind, comfort food is mushroom soup or KD…I know, I know!!

Hobbies- Cooking and gardening, and going for long drives.

Favorite TV Shows- The ID channel, Homicide Hunter, Deadly Women, Fear thy neighbour, Married with secrets, Your worst Nightmare, I’d kill for you, Forensic Factor, Villains. I also like Forensic files and Law and order special victims’ unit.  This probably all stems from the Stephen king novels from a young age! 😊


Next I will dive into my achievement’s and my up-coming ones as well! I have had 37 photos exhibited in several galleries, thanks to my love of GURUSHOTS! And have sold the rights on a few pictures to Yukon Tourism which will be displayed in magazines, at events and maybe even on the side of a transit bus here in the Yukon. Also, I am currently in the Photo Serge Institute of Photography where I hope to become a certified photographer. Thanks again Serge Ramelli!